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What makes Cybot different from others

  • Powerful NLP

    Thanks to its unparalleled NLP capabilities, Cybot understands the context of conversation that ordinary bots find utterly complex.

  • Omni-Channel Capability

    Cybot can be deployed seamlessly on all digital channels, be it social media platforms or mobile apps.

  • CRM Integration

    Easy to integrate with a CRM, our chatbot solution streamlines end-to-end customer journey.

  • Multilingual Capabilities

    Packed with context-based translation features, Cybot lets you engage customers across multiple languages.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Our chatbot solution does away with the need of hiring additional support agents, so it’s easy on the pocket too.

  • Real-time Analytics

    Cybot offers you real-time user analytics, a goldmine of information that augments lead generation for your business.

Use Cases

Our chatbot can be implemented across a range of industry verticals and can handle multiple services, including customer care, searching, booking, payment guidance, and so on. So, regardless of the industry you function in, we have a solution for you.

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No of Bots 1 5 with 1 Brand 20 with 1 Brand
No of Stories Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Interactions 250 5000 then US$0.01 20000 then US$0.01
NLP/AI Engine
Live Chat 5 Agents 25 Agents
Whats App Integration Whats App Business Whats App Business API
Conversational AI
API Integration
Custom Reports
Industry wise Customization
FB Integrations
Dedicated Account Manager
Fortnightly Training of Bots
White Labeling
Support Email Support 24x5 What's App, Email, Chat 24x7 What's App, Email, Phone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Defined simply, a chatbot is an AI-based programme that can communicate with human beings by means of text or voice. Chatbots are typically integrated with messaging channels, websites or mobile apps to offer answers to customer queries.

Chatbots are of two types: rule-based chatbots and AI chatbots. Rule-based chatbots provide pre-defined answers to specific questions they have been programmed with. These use a simple true-false algorithm to comprehend user queries and offer suitable answers.

AI chatbots are trained using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, so they understand not just the query but also the context behind the same. This kind of bot learns from previous interactions and improves its intelligence with time.

Chatbots are broadly classified into two categories: rule-based chatbots and AI chatbots.

Rule-based chatbots: These are simple chatbots that search for keywords in user input to identify the question and formulate an appropriate response.

For instance, if you type in a query, ‘I need a leather handbag of beige colour’. The chatbot will identify the phrases ‘leather handbag’ and ‘beige colour’ and then check among the list of its predefined answers to return a matching reply.

Rule-based chatbots are poor at understanding the context of the language, so if you go off-topic, their response is likely to be inappropriate.

AI-chatbots: AI-chatbots use AI-ML in addition to natural language processing to deliver a natural conversation. These bots learn as most humans do. As they are based on machine learning models, they improve their conversational ability with time as they gather more input and feedback.

Natural language processing or NLP is a sub-domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that pertains to the interactions between computers and natural human language. NLP aims to teach computers text and spoken words, recognise speech and generate natural-sounding speech.

There is a misconception that chatbots are needed only in certain scenarios. In actuality, chatbots are useful for all kinds of businesses, no matter their size and domain.

So, even if you serve a very small customer base, which is a likely scenario if are a small organisation, chatbots will benefit your business.

First of all, no security issues are specific to chatbots. Plus, if your website and technology stack are set up securely and you have implemented steps to secure your data, there’s simply no need to worry about a breach.

The straightforward answer is-a lot. A chatbot can be thought of as a virtual assistant. They can do things that can bring a visible difference in your results-address your end-users by their name, help with product availability, search for a particular product, answer frequently asked questions, update on order status, and even collect leads on behalf of your agents.

According to a recent study, chatbots currently handle around 60% of all chat interactions, 25% of these are handled solely by a chatbot, with no support from an agent. The chatbot volume distribution for any business varies between peak and non-peak hours.

During peak hours, chatbots can be your first line of defence for frequently asked questions. Queries with urgent issues or those from privileged customers should, however, be instantly transferred to human agents.

During non-peak hours, on the contrary, your chatbot can be the first point of contact for all your queries. Complex offline messages can be passed on to an agent later on.

Of course, it can. Chatbot solutions like ours have omnichannel capabilities. This means you need to build just one chatbot and deploy it across multiple channels-website, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. This also means you can manage queries coming in from different platforms using a single inbox.

An AI chatbot relies on machine learning models to reinforce its capabilities over time. The more data this model is fed with, the more intuitive it becomes. So, while your AI chatbot will definitely learn from past conversations, it is recommended that you train it with queries your visitors are likely to ask.

For a chatbot to communicate with your end-users in a meaningful way, it is vital that the program is able to access your data sources-business data, website data, internal databases, documents, knowledge base, etc. Open-APIs can be helpful in such scenarios.

Cybot is equipped with several highly coveted features, some of which are as follows:

  • Natural Language Understanding: Cybot has advanced natural language capabilities, as a result of which it can understand the context of what is being written or spoken and formulate a suitable response.
  • Chat Analytics: Because it can seamlessly integrate with your CRM platform, Cybot offers a bunch of immensely useful analytical metrics that you can keep track of.
  • Pre-Built Generic Intents: Our chatbot solution comes with pre-built generic intents to greet the visitor, reply to objectional messages, and engage in simple conversations. This takes a lot of work off your shoulders.
  • Quicklinks: Quicklinks is a collection of links that help a customer navigate through the chat interface easily by suggesting topics he may be interested in.
  • Auto-Intent Classification: Our auto-intent classification feature uses NLP to associate words or phrases with a particular intent.
  • Code-free Development: Cybot has an intuitive builder that lets you devise a chatbot solution without requiring any knowledge of coding.

Cybot automates a number of tasks related to customer service, so you can focus on more intricate work demanding human intervention.

Our chatbot solution instantly understands and responds to queries on many of your messaging platforms. As a result, your customers don’t need to connect with a human agent for everything. It can also handle multiple conversations simultaneously, schedule appointments and collect user feedback. This way, you can manage hundreds of customers in a hassle-free manner.

Cybot is an omni-channel solution which means you can engage your customers on the platform they spend most of their time on, be it your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack or Hangouts. This way, you can manage queries from a large number of platforms and broaden your reach.

Absolutely not. With our chatbot service, you just have to choose a template that applies to your area of business and edit the template by adding a custom conversation flow to the bot.

Yes, they are. With Cybot, we deliver multilingual support in English, Hindi, and several regional languages. Our chatbot solution is trained to understand the nuances of a language and respond naturally and accurately.